Customer Testimonials

Imagine my surprise when I went to my mailbox and found a butterfly kiss from Sathya Callender inside! Thank you for the AWESOME writing instrument! She was very thoughtful and remembered red is my favorite color...Angela Edwards (Texas)

Sathya Callender (Kutie Patooties Gift Boutique) thanks for the unique and great gift! Tina (California)

Tammie (Georgia)

Sathya Callender, girl your handmade pens & baskets were a huge hit with our speakers at the retreat. Go to Kutie Patootie to see her amazing handmade gifts. Thanks Sathya! Cassandra (Georgia) 

 Mariee (Georgia)

Sathya Callender (Kutie Patooties Gift Boutique Everytime i walk in Princes office Someone tells me how they beg him for the pin! The lady today told me he said No my wife gave it to me! She wants one lol. Javail (Virginia)

I got my order today...these are GORGEOUS!!! Angela (Texas)

absolutely LOVE these one-of-a-kind pen creations by Sathya Callender! (Nope. Can't have mine. Get your own! 😊) Thank you, Sathya! 😍 Angela (Texas)

I recently purchased a diaper cake for a friend who had a baby boy. I didn't know what to get her. On the order, I informed her to "make it look great, and for a boy" and that's exactly what she did. 
My friend loved it. I'm so happy she did! 
Thank you Kutie Patootie's!
I'm definitely am not going to have any more children, but if any friends or relatives who are expecting, will get one of your products!..Adrienne (Georgia)

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
These ink pens are going to be a huge hit and I'm already contemplating buying more. This is such a unique and eloquent concept, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw them sold in major retail stores soon. I can't wait to use one of mine at my upcoming booksignings. Dell (Michigan)

Ordered customized pens , they were beautiful and I will be ordering more and the service was quick and easy! Latonya (New York)

Wonderfully made products every time and excellent customer service. Kay (Georgia)

I purchased a diaper cake for my friends who had a baby and it was made and delivered directly to their home. The couple was more than pleased with the finished product. The father said it was so gorgeous he didn’t want to take it apart to use the diapers. It you are looking for quality and great customer service you have come to the right place. If anyone is expecting or having a baby shower I will refer your service! Job well done and may God continue to bless and enlarge your territory! Tina (California)

These pens!!!! Gorgeous... and they write well, too. Now I love a good pen, but these pens are elegant, sophisticated and just beautiful. I will definitely be purchasing more. Simone (New Jersey)

I purchased 2 customize pens and the pictures do not do them justice. They are amazing from the colors, to the weight and writing. Will be getting more.Alexandra (Florida)

Beautifully done gift items with so much detail. I love all the unique gift items she creates for me!! The diaper cakes are very elegant and so lovely. Teneicka (California)

I love my Tutus! I lobe that im so last minute and sometimes need to babble out some idea and You pick right up on where i'm going. You're truly a life saver and come in handy right when i need it (you know!) Javail (Virginia)